RCM Floor Sweepers & RCM Floor Scrubbers

RCM has been designing, manufacturing and selling professional industrial and urban floor cleaning machinery, sweepers, scrubbers and road sweepers, which are esteemed worldwide for their high-performance and reliability, since 1970.

RCM develop high-performance sweeping and floor scrubbing machines and reliable cleaning solutions that feature reduced management costs and savings in energy, water, and detergent.

RCM’s design and production systems, as well as its technical cleaning solutions, have always been based on innovation. That’s why RCM are considered one of the world’s most modern companies specialising in the cleaning industry. As a reliable partner in the cleaning industry, RCM design and develop customised sweepeing and floor scrubbing machines, in line with the ever-evolving market.

RCM has been certified since 1987 and have now obtained the ISO 9001-2015 certification from SGS.

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