NILFISK ADVANCE Floor Sweepers, Floor Scrubbers, Wet & Dry Vacuums

For over 100 years, Nilfisk Advance is one of the world`s leading manufacturers of professional floor cleaning equipment and have been committed to making the world a cleaner place. Nilfisk Advance offer only the very best in floor cleaning solutions to millions of businesses and homes in more than 100 countries across the world.

Years of industry leading experience have taught Nilfisk how to produce excellent scrubber dryers that ensures effective cleaning with high productivity including stand-on/ride-on scrubber/dryers, walk-behind scrubber and dryers and combination machines.

Nilfisk combination machines are ideal for diverse heavy-duty cleaning tasks where durability and high performance are needed.

Nilfisk sweepers help you pick up debris while keeping dust under control. Our range offers dust-free sweeping for any size application and for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

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