RCM Boxer Plus Rider Vacuum Sweeper

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RCM Boxer Plus Rider Vacuum Sweeper


The BOXER range offers 4 different medium-large sweepers for professional cleaning. BOXER, with its 315 L capacity hopper, is available battery powered and in 2 different engine versions: Diesel, LPG. SUPER BOXER, with a stronger engine and a bigger suction system is ideal to face harder work and is available in Diesel version. Its easy use and maintain, its reliability and low running costs make BOXER particularly suitable for rental purposes.

With 161 cm sweeping path with two side brushes, Boxer ensures high cleaning performance in large areas. It has been designed to work in heavy duty applications such as steel factories, ceramic and cement factories.

 Boxer has the most reliable components combined with simple construction to give efficient, robust, long-life machine. With the driver seated at the front of the machine this gives excellent visibility ensuring safety and ease operation. The front wheel steer gives excellent maneuverability and the operator can see both side brushes whilst driving.

 Boxer is available powered by 48v battery, Kubota 3 cyc liquid cooled Model WG752 18.5kW/24.8Hp petrol/lpg engine and Kohler 2 cyc Model KWD702 18.5kW/24.8Hp diesel engine.

Large hopper capacity of 315L with dump height of 148 cm and dust filter surface of 9.8 m/sq. 

With a theoretical cleaning capacity of 13,000 sq.m/hour the Boxer is suitable for cleaning medium to large sized areas, indoor and outdoor), such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Exhibition centers
  • Large industrial premises
  • Ceramic and cement factories
  • Steel factories and foundries
  • Mills
  • Multi-storey and outdoor parkings
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Service stations
  • Market areas
  • Leisure facilities
  • Campings and villages

Features and benefits

  • Vacuum on side brushes (Dust Buster Systen) for dust free sweeping
  • Overthrow cleaning system to fill waste container completely
  • Large filters to work in very dusty applications
  • Front driving seat for perfect visibility
  • Large adjustable sprung seat
  • Heavy duty steel chassis
  • Hydrostatic traction on front wheel
  • Long lasting superelastic tyres
  • Floating main and side brushes hydraulically controlled and with mechanical lift
  • Adjustable hopper plate to increase main brush life
  • Electric shaker for thorough dust filter cleaning
  • Vacuum cut off for wet sweeping
  • Lifting front flap for litter
  • Service and parking brake


A wide range of optional accessories ensures the Boxer fits your needs: choice of different brushes and filters, left side brush, third side brush, dust conveyor, LPG plant, catalytic cleaner, overhead guard, beacon, reverse alarm, lights and much more. RCM are also available to design specific accessories to meet your particular needs.

Technical data

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