RCM Tera Rider Floor Scrubber

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RCM Tera Rider Floor Scrubber

TERA is the RCM Scrubber-Drier for large surfaces. It’s Eco-friendly and allows to set customized working programs.

Three possible versions: cleaning width friom 1100 to 1300 mm with disk or rolling brushes. The 280 liter water tank and the 36V-525Ah allow a great working autonomy.

Big wheels and sturdy construction makes the machine able to work in the heaviest duties conditions. The sweeping device (optional) allows to sweep also small debris and clean perfectly at once.

A complete set of accessories enables to customize the TERA: big choice of brushes, driving disks and pads, rolling brush unit, rear sweeping device, water spraying device on both right side brushes, batteries and battery charger. RCM is able to implement customized accessories according to the different customer requests.  


Function which allows to choose and set the working parameters of your TERA, depending on the conditions of the floor. It allows to keep costs under control.  


Cleaning maintenance working mode with reduced environmental impact. It reduces the energy and water consumption and noise. It increase working time. 


System which allows to use the minimum quantity of water and detergent needed to grant an excellent cleaning result. It increases working autonomy and reduces the impact top the environment. 


A selector allows to choose between different working speed. To grant safety in every circumstances, speed is automatically reduced when turning and breaking system is hydraulic.


Traction on rear wheels, unique in the range, allows to climb high gradients even on wet surfaces. On demand.


Two electric 3 stages suction motors allow a powerful suction and grant a great drying. Easy access to the motors, they don’t need maintenance. 


A polyester filter, easily removable for cleaning, protects the suction motor from the dust. Reliability increases and maintenance costs are reduced.


TERA has been designed to use different types of batteries, to reach a long time working autonomy.  


TERA has been designed to reduce the after sales costs. To make daily maintenance easy, the single components have been highlighted in yellow color. 

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