Stocks S6400 Heavy Duty Truck-Mounted Street Sweeper

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Stocks S6400 Heavy Duty Truck-Mounted Street Sweeper

The Arrival of Stocks S6400 series heavy-duty suction road sweepers heralds a new era in the road sweeper industry.
Introduced in January 2010, the S6400 is extremely simple to operate and easy to maintain. The sweeping equipment is durable, reliable and is designed and built to provide years of faithful service.

With the overall sweep width of 3650mm when using simultaneous side brush operation is one of the widest in the industry. A 1400 litre clean water storage compartment within the lower section of the body, and a level of standard equipment including high pressure water system, overhead wanderhose, screen shakers, reversing safety cameras, power down on both side and wide sweep brushes and variable side brush positioning all make Stocks S6400 the road sweeper to set the standards.

Ease Of Operation
The S6400 sweeping equipment can be activated by either our standard control box set-up, or via our unique CANbus operator iSS (intelligent sweep system) coupled with a purpose designed & built `iSweep` controller. Both units are installed with operator ergonomics in mind. Together they can store a number of your favourite sweep configurations, service & maintenance settings, and a full parts catalogue along with other important information if required. The system also has a built in self diagnostic facility to help keep machine down time to an absolute minimum.

Built To Last
The S6400 has been designed and built to last, using the latest production techniques, including laser cut profiling, CNC sheet folding and machining; all brush equipment is powder-coated to give a highly durable, quality finish. The body is constructed of heavy-duty 4mm thick corrosion and abrasion-resistant stainless steel.

Auxiliary Engine Options
The S6400 comes with a choice of three auxiliary engines. The customer may choose between the JCB 444 Dieselmax series engine, the Iveco N45 series engine or the Perkins 1100 series engine. All three engines are fully compliant with EU and Europe stage lll A emissions requirements. The standard engines deliver gross power between 57kw and 108kw.

Overhead Wanderhose
The overhead wanderhose has a 4.2 metre reach that can be used for many operations from cleaning catchpits and road gullies to picking litter and leaf collection. To ensure the wanderhose does not become too heavy in operation it is fitted with a counter balancing spring system.

Screen Shakers
Rear mesh screen shakers are another standard fitment. They enable the operator to clean the rear screens every time the rear door is opened as both screens are lowered automatically making thorough washing of the screens an easy task and by doing so maximising the S6400`s suction. Another huge benefit to washing the screens in the lowered position is the washed off material does not get directed into the roof tunnelling. The screens can also be operated with the rear door closed by unclipping the handle and pulling down sharply on the cable to shake the screens free from dirt and leaf build-up.

Side Brush
The side brush equipment is of a heavy duty construction and has brush speed control and ground pressure regulation as standard. Also fitted as standard is power down which enables the operator to really scrub the road hard to remove run-in dirt; this coupled with fully adjustable sideways positioning and simultaneous side brush operation gives an impressive overall sweep width of 3650mm and allows the S6400 to clean many roads in a single pass, leaving other road sweeper behind.

Suction Box
The suction box is constructed of cast aluminium with a 4mm vulcanized wear-resistant rubber lining. The box can be tilted backwards at the flick of a switch to make the pick-up larger material a simple operation.

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