Perfectly Clean Kindergarten, School And University Floors


The cleaning of classrooms and corridors is easy, fast, and effortless, with Kilo of RCM: the man-on-board floor scrubber that everyone (but everyone) can use with ease.

Schools are attended many hours a day by adults, children, and young people.

In classrooms and corridors, you study, you colour, you eat…

Floors must be cleaned daily, and sometimes extraordinary cleaning operations are even necessary!

There is an answer to this need: KILO RCM


KILO by RCM is the agile and compact floor scrubber that allows everyone to clean quickly and effortlessly.

The comfortable seat and essential control panel of KILO will be the tool to achieve the best cleaning of medium spaces and small rooms or lanes of chairs / seats.

With KILO the floors are immediately dry and walkable: safer for young and old students. It is no coincidence that this is one of the most requested RCM floor scrubber in the school environment.

KILO is easy to use for everyone:

  • no more problems for those who have difficulty lifting heavy objects;
  • no reason not to find time to constantly clean every floor of the school, kindergarten, university;
  • no effort for those who are struggling to make certain movements: just guide it to the desired point and KILO will do everything else!


KILO is also perfect for a small gym, bathrooms, changing rooms, bar area or for the main hall.

KILO fits into most elevators, so it’s also suitable for multi-storey buildings: ask for a demonstration today!

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