RCM Elan 60 / Elan 70E Rider Floor Scrubber

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RCM Elan 60 / Elan 70E Rider Floor Scrubber

RCM`s smallest ride-on scrubber-drier ensures agile use and convenient purchase and management comparable to a walk-behind machine. Ideal for cleaning environments with narrow sections and small manoeuvring spaces.

Designed for working in the presence of members of the public, with perfect water recovery and standard quietness ( only 66dBA to the ears of the operator).

Using the trolley for quick battery change (optional), it is possible to double the autonomy of the work.

Where to use

  • With a theoretical cleaning capacity of 3.000 sq.m/hour the Elan is suitable for cleaning large sized areas such as:

  • Warehouses

  • Workshops

  • Supermarkets and shopping centres

  • Hotel and restaurant entrances and corridors

  • Medium and large industrial premises

  • Airports and railway stations

  • Shops and showrooms

  • Car dealers

  • Pools and sports facilities

Features and benefits

  • Power 24 V

  • Electronic rear drive

  • Polyethylene tanks

  • Vacuum motor protection

  • Squeegee rubber usable on 4 edges

  • Electric lifting of brushes and squeegee

  • Easy truck loading system

  • Polyurethane front wheel

  • Non-marking tyres

  • Solution level and drain

  • Brush and solution automatic stop

  • Controls on the steering wheel

  • Roller bumper

  • Reverse alarm

  • Flashing lights

  • Interchangeable brush head

  • Squeegee round shaped


A wide range of optional accessories ensures the Mark 792 fits your needs: choice of brushes, drive disc and pads, batteries and charger. RCM are also available to design specific accessories to meet your particular needs.

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