Polivac Predator Carpet Extractor

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Polivac Predator Carpet Extractor

Designed with no compromise in performance or styling, the Predator is powerful, portable and versatile.

POWER is provided by a revolutionary new recovery system which combines with fully rubber mounted vac motors to produce one of the most powerful portable machines available today.

PORTABILITY via easy-grip handles and pneumatic tyres that make tight manoeuvring and stair climbing an effortless exercise.

VERSATILITY that means the ability to handle the widest possible range of cleaning tasks, from the most delicate fabrics to large commercial areas.

Features and benefits

  • 10 Year guarantee on body

  • Electrical overload protection

  • Heater element maintains constant

  • water temperature

  • Auto vac cut-out with high recovery

  • *Oilpath pump maintenance hour meter

  • Vacuum motors totally rubber mounted

  • Liquid filled pressure gauge

  • Self-illuminating push button switches

  • External pressure control

  • Ergonomic design

  • Compact and manoeuverable

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